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Recent publications

Bardi,L., Simion,F., Regolin,L. 2011. Biological Motion preference in humans at birth: Role of configural and dynamic properties. Developmental Science. In press (published Online 6 Sept. 2010). DOI:

Rugani,R., Vallortigara,G., Vallini,B., Regolin, L. 2011. Asymmetrical number-space mapping in the avian brain. Neurobiology of Learning & Memory, In press (published Online 25 November 2010). DOI:

Daisley,J.N., Rosa Salva,O., Regolin,L, Vallortigara,G. 2011. Social cognition and learning mechanisms: Experimental evidence in domestic chicks. Social Interaction Studies. In press (June 2011).

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Rugani,R., Regolin,L., Vallortigara,G. 2010. Imprinted numbers: Newborn chicks' sensitivity to number vs. continuous extent of objects they have been reared with. Developmental Science, 13, 790-797. DOI:

Rugani,R., Kelly,D.M., Szelest,I., Regolin,L., Vallortigara,G. 2010. Is it only humans that count from left to right? Biology Letters, 6, 290-292. DOI:

Mascalzoni,E., Regolin,L., Vallortigara,G. 2010. Innate sensitivity for self-propelled causal agency in newly hatched chicks. PNAS, 107, 4483-4485. DOI:

Daisley,J.N., Vallortigara,G., Regolin,L. 2010. Logic in an asymmetrical (social) brain: Transitive inference in the young domestic chick. Social Neuroscience, 5, 309-319. ISSN: 1747-0927 (electronic) 1747-0927 (paper). DOI:

Rosa Salva,O., Daisley,J.N., Regolin,L., Vallortigara,G. 2010. Time dependent lateralization of social learning in the domestic chick (Gallus gallus domesticus): Effects of retention delays in the observed lateralization pattern. Behavioural Brain Research, 212, 152-158. DOI:

Vallortigara,G., Regolin,L., Rugani,R., Chiandetti, C. 2010. Rudiments of mind: Number and space cognition in animals. Comparative Cognition & Behavior Reviews, 5, 78-99. DOI:

Mongillo,P., Bono,G., Regolin,L., Marinelli, L. 2010. Selective attention to humans in companion dogs, Canis familiaris. Animal Behaviour, 80, 1057-1063. DOI:

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Daisley,J.N., Mascalzoni,E., Rosa Salva,O., Rugani,R., Regolin, L. 2009. Lateralization of social cognition in the domestic chicken (Gallus gallus). Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London – B. Theme Issue : “MECHANISMS AND FUNCTIONS OF BRAIN AND BEHAVIOURAL ASYMMETRIES” Compiled and Edited by: Luca Tommasi, Dept. Biomedical Sciences, University of Chieti, Italy. 12 April 2009. Vol.364 (n.1519): 965-981. DOI :

Maes,J.H.R., Fontanari,L., Regolin, L. 2009. Spatial reorientation in rats (Rattus norvegicus): use of geometric and featural information as a function of arena size and feature location. Behavioural Brain Research, 201, 285-291. DOI :

Rugani,R., Fontanari,L., Simoni,E., Regolin,L., Vallortigara, G. 2009. Arithmetic in newborn chicks. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 276, 2451-2460. DOI :

Clara,E., Regolin,L., Vallortigara,G., Rogers L.J. 2009. Chicks prefer to peck at insect-like elongated stimuli moving in a direction orthogonal to their longer axis. Animal Cognition, 12, 755-765. DOI :

Rosa Salva,O., Daisley,J.N., Regolin,L., Vallortigara, G. 2009. Lateralization of social learning in the domestic chick (Gallus gallus domesticus): learning to avoid. Animal Behaviour, 78, 847-856. DOI :

Rugani,R., Regolin,L., Vallortigara,G. 2008. Discrimination of small numerosities in young chicks. Journal of experimental psychology. Animal behavior processes, 34(3), 388-399. DOI :

Simion,F., Regolin,L., Bulf,H. 2008. A predisposition for biological motion in the newborn baby. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 105(2), 809-813. DOI :

Rosa Salva,O., Regolin,L., Vallortigara,G. 2007. Chicks discriminate human gaze with their right hemisphere. Behavioural Brain Research, 177, 15-21. DOI:

Clara,E., Regolin,L., Vallortigara,G., Rogers, L.J. 2007. Perception of the stereokinetic illusion by the common marmoset (callithrix jacchus). Animal Cognition, 10, 135-140. DOI:

Clara,E., Regolin,L., Vallortigara,G. 2007. Preference for symmetry is experience dependent in newborn chicks (gallus gallus). Journal of experimental psychology: animal behavior processes, 33,12-20. DOI:

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Chiandetti,C., Clara,E., Regolin,L., Tommasi,L., Vallortigara, G. 2007. Plasticity in the avian brain: From molecular to behavioural neurobiology. In: Canonanco Marcello and Facciolo Rosa Maria. “Evolutionary Molecular Strategies and Plasticity”. Research Signpost (Kerala, India). pp. 187-214.

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