Marco Dadda, PhD
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Marco Dadda
Research interests
Brain lateralization
Evolution of mating strategies in fish
Numerical cognition in fish
Visual perception
Recent publications

Dadda, M., Nepomnyashchikh, V.A., Izvekov, E.I., Bisazza, A. (2012). Individual-level consistency of different laterality measures in the goldbelly topminnow. Behavioral Neuroscience, 126(6), 845-849.

Dadda,M., & Bisazza,A. (2012). Prenatal light exposure affects development of behavioural lateralization in a livebearing fish. Behavioural Processes, 91(1), 115-118.

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Domenichini,A., Dadda,M., Facchin,L., Bisazza,A., & Argenton,F. (2011). isolation and genetic characterization of mother-of-snow-white, a maternal effect allele affecting laterality and lateralized behaviors in zebrafish. PLoS ONE 6(10): e25972.

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Agrillo,C., Dadda,M., & Bisazza,A. 2007. Quantity discrimination in female mosquitofish. Animal Cognition 10, 63-70.

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Dadda,M., Cantalupo,C., Hopkins,W.D. 2006. Further evidence of an association between handedness and neuroanatomical asymmetries in the primary motor cortex of chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes).
Neuropsychologia 44, 2582-2586.

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