Prof. Angelo Bisazza
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Angelo Bisazza
Research interests

My research interest focuses on evolution and function of animal behaviour. I have ongoing projects in three different areas:

  • Sexual selection and sexual conflicts in poeciliids fish
    In many species the two sexes have divergent interests in reproduction. Conflict over mating frequency is prominent in poeciliids as females store sperm and need a few copulation while males are very ardent and attempt to mate with all females they encounter. We study the consequences of male sexual harassment and the strategies used by females to minimize the costs of sexual conflict

  • The evolution of cerebral lateralisation in vertebrates
    The presence of cerebral lateralization is now firmly established in almost all vertebrate classes. We are presently investigating the selective advantages of functional brain asymmetries and the mechanisms explaining the maintenance of individual variation in these traits

  • Cognitive mechanisms in fish
    We study visual perception, spatial orientation and numerical abilities in teleost fish. We are especially interested in understanding how ecology and phylogeny interact to produce similarity and variation in cognitive mechanisms across vertebrates
Recent publications

Dadda, M., Nepomnyashchikh, V.A., Izvekov, E.I., Bisazza, A. (2012). Individual-level consistency of different laterality measures in the goldbelly topminnow. Behavioral Neuroscience, 126(6), 845-849.

Dadda,M., & Bisazza,A. (2012). Prenatal light exposure affects development of behavioural lateralization in a livebearing fish. Behavioural Processes, 91(1), 115-118.

Agrillo,C., Miletto Petrazzini,M.E., Tagliapietra,C., & Bisazza,A. (2012). Inter-specific differences in numerical abilities among teleost fish. Frontiers in Psychology, 3:483. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2012.00483.

Agrillo,C., Miletto Petrazzini,M.E., Piffer,L., Dadda,M., & Bisazza,A. (2012). A new training procedure for studying discrimination learning in fishes. Behavioural Brain Research, 230, 343-348.

Miletto Petrazzini,M.E., Agrillo,C., PifferL., Dadda,M., & Bisazza, A. (2012). Development and application of a new method to investigate cognition in newborn guppies. Behavioural Brain Research, 233, 443-449.

Parma,V., Tirindelli,R., Bisazza,A., Massaccesi,S., & Castiello,U. (2012). Subliminally perceived odours modulate female intrasexual competition: an eye movement study. PLoS ONE 7(2): e30645.

Agrillo,C., Piffer,L., Bisazza,A., & Butterworth,B. (2012). Evidence for two numerical systems that are similar in humans and guppies. PLoS ONE, 7(2): e31923

Domenichini,A., Dadda,M., Facchin,L., Bisazza,A., & Argenton,F. (2011). Isolation and genetic characterization of mother-of-snow-white, a maternal effect allele affecting laterality and lateralized behaviors in zebrafish. PLoS ONE 6(10): e25972.

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Bisazza,A., Serena,G., Piffer,L., & Agrillo,C. (2010). Ontogeny of numerical abilities in guppies. PLoS ONE, 5(11): e15516. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0015516.
Truppa, V., Sovrano, V. A., Spinozzi, G., & Bisazza, A. (2010). Processing of visual hierarchical stimuli by fish (Xenotoca eiseni). Behavioural Brain Research, 207(1), 51–60.

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